A real use case, sort of

Seems to be 2017 today…. A strictly traditional Catholic convent near KC used Bitcoin to raise money for construction.

One thing I was immediately struck by when visiting the monastery is the brand new, awe-inspiring church that dominates the grounds. I expected to drive up to a modern, utilitarian building, as (disappointingly) can be expected from any average suburban church today. Instead, the sisters built an architecturally beautiful structure that includes hand-painted murals, Italian marble, vaulted ceilings and stained-glass windows.

This was possible thanks to generous bitcoin donations made in 2017. These donations allowed the Benedictines to build a church for the ages without the burden of debt financing.

Can’t argue with a fact. Smart fundraisers don’t get in the way of a big donor’s preferences, as long as the donor isn’t forcing the charity to violate its own preferences. Want to donate in pennies? Fine, we’ll handle them. Want to donate in bitcoins? Fine, we’ll handle them.

Modern ESG fundraisers are NOT smart.  They discriminate against money based on the team shirt of the donor, which is a great way to stop ALL donations.  DonorsChoose made it clear that they didn’t want my “tainted” money, even though I still wanted to support specific projects of specific teachers.  Okay.  I’ll never donate to anything again, because I can’t predict when my money will suddenly become dirty.  Fuck you and fuck everyone in your occupation.

= = = = =

There’s an odd cultural clash between the Metaverse adherents and the “coin” adherents. Both technologies are based on the blockchain.

Metaverse is extremely elite and extremely woke. All the cool ESG demons are pushing hard for more invasive VR. Bitcoin influencers are pushing in the opposite direction, attracting cultural conservatives, “alt-right” types, and TLM Catholics.

I suppose it’s just Madman Lincoln’s rule in action. You have to fool each part of the population in different ways if you want to fool everyone.

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