It’s always about caste

From a Louella Parsons gossip broadcast in Sept 1948:

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Politics invaded Hollywood with a vengeance last week, when President Truman and Governor Dewey made speeches within hours of each other. Conspicuous on the Truman platform were Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, and Ronald Reagan. Equally conspicuous with Dewey were Barbara Stanwyck, Ginger Rogers, Lionel Barrymore, George Murphy, and others.

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Why was Dewey more popular? NYC vs KC, not R vs D. Hollywood has always been a branch of NYC, and Hollywood has always hated smalltown hicks.

Why was Trump, the ultimate icon of NYC, an exception to this rule? Partly because Trump pretended to be advocating for hicks and factory workers. I suspect it’s mostly real PERSONAL grudges. Trump had been working in Hollywood for many years, cheating and firing and ruining everyone he dealt with.

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Farmers also recognized the difference between NYC Dewey and KC Truman. When it looked like Dewey was guaranteed to win, farmers sold their crops prematurely to get ahead of a potential NYC-driven market collapse.

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