For some reason I missed this a couple months ago. If I had seen it, I might have been less quibbly about the project!

Avi shows his work.

The world is full of ‘alt’ tech and ‘alt’ social media and ‘alt’ money projects, which grind and grind and eventually dissolve into factions and fractions because they didn’t START AT THE END. If you want to get shit done, you have to SHOW YOUR WORK. Reach visible and somewhat usable PHYSICAL results as fast as possible. Progress doesn’t start until the first prototype is starting to SERVE ITS PURPOSE. After that, feedback will start to improve its performance.

Avi’s Galileo Project is based at Harvard, taking full advantage of lab facilities and grad students and paid technicians. The only difference is the funding. Instead of Deepstate, it’s funded by some big donors and a crowd.

The first multi-purpose telescope and radio sensor is complete. It’s a compact unit, a bit R2D2ish.

This is the road to the future, provided the universities and other labs will continue to allow Unperson funding.  When they don’t, more independent facilities are needed, which costs a lot  more money.

Later thought: Most of those ‘alt’ projects aren’t failing because of poor strategy. They CAN’T START AT THE END because they don’t have an end. Bitcoin has never created a usable prototype because it’s not meant to be used. From the start it was just a cult for the benefit of NSA. Other tech and social media projects were solely meant to absorb cash from the central bank fountain via the venture capitalist pipes. Now that the fountain is turned off and the founders have absconded, the projects are instantly evaporating.

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