Wilt or Rubett!

Janelle at AIWeirdness ordered up a batch of Halloween candy customized for each state from the AI engine.

Some of the sources appear to have picked up other food from the state. Connecticut got Craney Chowder. Kansas got Farte Cats, perhaps from online references to methane from cattle feedlots?

Most simply jumbled up the name of the state, as in Harr’ey Carowar for Hawai’i or Nat Dock for North Dakota.

Oklahoma was the cleverest of all. The name is semicoherent, something like Tconec, but the product itself is candy cornados!

Most AI art is disconnected from functions. It’s easy to imagine a real recipe for this product. Melt a pile of candy corn. Extrude ropes through a funnel. Twist the ropes together before they harden.

The data source might be picking up current news about a remake of the movie Twister. The sequel will be called Twisters, which is considerably LESS creative than the AI art. We can also bet a million dollars that the sequel will be SOLELY about “climate emergency”, blaspheming the original writer Michael Crichton.

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