Kirn hits it

Kirn has seemed quiet or preoccupied lately. Today he hits the HARDASS REALITY button:

There is a terrible emotional drag on daily life now. One must try to be cheerful, but in simple public interactions one witnesses a blankness, a loss of a sense of ordinary honor & caring. Meanwhile, everywhere, people drifting, living in cars, camping out. From above? Rhetoric. …  And a strange sense that anything can happen at any time, anywhere.

On the fucking dot. This is how ordinary people respond when ALL the rulers are NAZI psychopathic demons. The job of a demon is to make anything happen at any time. Never let the suckers regain their balance.

Things have been calm for about six months, much longer than the usual torturer’s pause. I see some evidence that the generalized elites are done with the “virus”, which may be gradually filtering up into the powers. But I don’t hear anything from the powers to indicate that the torture is done.

We’ll never get a Nuremberg. No point in thinking along those lines.

An All Clear would help. In previous emergencies, from WW2 bombing raids to tornados, the authorities made sure to give a recognizable signal when the danger was past or the entire war was over. All Clears went out of fashion, in both weather and bombing raids, around the time when the Bush family took over. The Weather Bureau never tells us that the wind is done. The Deepstate bombing of 2001, relabeled as an “Iraqi Afghani bombing”, never officially ended, and the Deepstate bombing of 2020, relabeled as a “virus”, will never officially end.

I guess the difference is in the source of the enemy. After 1946 the enemy is our own government. All bombs are dropped by the same authorities who sound the sirens, so they have no motivation to let us return to normal life.   All siren all the time gives them maximum pleasure.

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