The Great Tradeoff?

I was surprised last month when BEVERLY HILLS blocked an attempt by Los Angeles to resume NAZI STRANGULATION TORTURE.

Peasants had been protesting for three fucking years, but peasant protests only bring out the storm troopers. Protests by courtiers are meaningful and influential.

Machiavelli: The worst that a prince has to expect from a hostile people is to be abandoned, but from hostile nobles he has to fear not only abandonment but their
active opposition.

I’ve been much less surprised to see the “independents” converging toward Deepstate via agents provocateurs. This is historically normal.

Are we seeing a Great Tradeoff instead of a Great Reset?

Some insight into Beverly Hills comes from an equally unexpected source. A group of strictly establishment Show Biz folks, not claiming to be “independents”, run a substack publication called The Ankler. They discuss internal Show Biz stuff like which studio is merging with which streaming company. Rob Long is the center of this group, and his podcasts are totally sane and strictly Machiavellian. Basic human nature all the way.

In this podcast the group reveals elite feelings about the “virus”. Loosely transcribed conversation starting around 37:00 in the clip…

… No, Fauci mentioned that the winter’s coming, and we don’t know what the numbers will be.

Sounds like an ad for Game of Thrones, like WINTER IS COMING!

I would be very surprised if the theaters shut down again. Rightly or wrongly, the world has largely turned the page on this.

Even if there was a thing, you think we’re OK?

I mean, every person I know has had it now, has been through it. I don’t think there’s many people now who would say, well I had a bad week, so I’m going to shut myself and my family in our houses again.

= = = = =

And there’s the key. Sane people have been saying from the start that if this “virus” exists at all, it’s a rebranded common cold. From the start, Beverly Hills and NYC were telling us it was infinitely worse than a nuclear apocalypse. NYC might still be insane, but Beverly Hills has recovered its sanity through EXPERIENCE.


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