Kirn misses it

Here he balances out yesterday’s precise hit!

We’re in what I’d term the “taste destruction” phase of cultural change. It’s similar to what food co’s did once to wean us off good food and prepare us for products like Wonder Bread, only it involves language, images, and music. You’ll accept less once you forget there was more.


On one side: Superstars in every field have always been vapid and trivial, because the rich fuckheads who pay them are vapid and trivial. Good creators who want to get rich quickly figure out how the world works, and converge to the vapid standard.  Rapid vapid.  Picasso was a great painter who realized what the demons wanted, and switched to painting the shit they valued.

On the other side: If you forget there’s more, it’s your own damn fault. The more is VASTLY easier to access now, for both creators and appreciators. In every area of art and science the ‘classics’ can be heard and seen with the touch of a finger. Excellent painters and sculptors can make a reasonable amount of money via Etsy or DeviantArt. Excellent authors can self-publish via Substack or Medium.

The only major exception is science, where federal funding and tenure rigidly enforce the vapid and trivial and GENOCIDAL. Avi’s crowdfunded project might start to break this monopoly, if other scientists can see the world outside their carefully trained and selected fishbowl.

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