Britain works.

Well, that was quick. Liz only lasted six weeks.

Britain’s system is still functional. A functional animal or company or country needs a negative feedback system to reject toxic inputs and toxic leaders. Britain’s parliamentary system has always been capable of rapid response and adaptation. Sometimes it waits too long, but it’s still vastly better than our setup on average.

The NYC zero-taxers who separated from Britain in 1776 made EXTREMELY SURE that our system would be incapable of adapting. They initially planned only one party. The two labels formed anyway from habit, but we’ve always had only one party in practice.

There’s NO WAY TO REJECT a bad president. Impeachment is designed to be a poison pill that can’t possibly work, and Congress knows it. Sometimes Congress makes a great show of popping the Impeachment pill, then spits it out when we’re not watching.

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