Anyone could explain it…

As Elon’s “final” deadline for purchase approaches, Reuters notes that Twitter’s management doesn’t understand its own problem.

Topics that have traditionally made Twitter a popular platform for its millions of users are now in decline among the most active English-speaking users, the documents show.

Twitter is also losing a “devastating” percentage of heavy users who are interested in fashion or celebrities such as the Kardashian family. These users are likely decamping to rival platforms like Meta Platform’s (META.O) Instagram and ByteDance’s TikTok, a Twitter researcher wrote.

The former problem is a tautology. When your sole purpose in business is rejecting and banning and blacklisting customers, you shouldn’t be surprised that you’re losing customers. This is a nearly universal phenomenon in the ESG world. Politicians and corporations make it EXCRUCIATINGLY CLEAR that only the coolest and most orthodox .0000001% of customers are wanted, and then wonder why they’re only getting the coolest and most orthodox .0000001% of customers.

The latter problem is mechanical, not political. Instagram and Tiktok are primarily pictures and videos. Twitter is primarily text, with pictures and videos as secondary features, often behind algorithmic walls. Celebrities are pictures, so their followers will migrate to the picture-first mechanisms.

Can either of these problems be solved?  I doubt it.   Uncools are contented with other social media now, and don’t want to return to the place that kicked them out.  Once burned, twice shy.  The picture-first types don’t have a bad taste about Twitter, so some might return if Twitter became exactly like TikTok.   But then Twitter would lose its own superorthodox OCD asshole Karen base.

The basic rule of business and life hasn’t changed in millions of years.  Find your niche, maintain it and defend it.  Don’t try to occupy two niches at once.  It’s physically impossible.  Copying the appearance and feel of another niche won’t help, because the people who like the other niche are already happy there.  The disguise might fool some, but sooner or later your natural personality will come through.

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