More WordPress erosion /// Edit: No, it’s not WP.

Last week I noticed an odd gradual “erosion” in some of my GIFs posted here. The sender in the original Morse prototype was being erased in an oddly analogish way. The result looks like a printer smearing ink.

Now another set of erosions shows up. Instead of fixing and reposting, I’ll just link to this one. The eroded GIFs are not political or sexy, they’re animations of a mathematical function. You can see the originals at Blogspot here.

As with the Morse, these WordPress “renderings” were OK when first posted.

= = = = =

Quick correction:  This time I viewed the post several times.  It’s not WordPress.    The first time I looked, three of the GIFs were eroded.  Then  I scrolled back up across the same images, and only two were eroded.  Then I refreshed (F5) and all were OK.    The messup is appropriately random.  So the image contained in WordPress must be OK.   Something is happening between WP and my monitor, maybe WordPress’s rendered output, or Firefox caching,  or an irregularity in OpenGL in my computer?  No, it can’t be the latter because I’m not seeing any problems in offline graphics that use OpenGL.  The problem is only online, and I’m only seeing it in GIFs within this blog, not elsewhere.

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