High-yield CD

The nocoiners at Reddit tend to know the ins and outs of real markets. One of them notes that Binance is a major partner in Elon’s purchase of Twitter. Binance is a sort of bridge between the allegedly “traditional” finance establishment and the allegedly “unorthodox” bitcoin world.

This will add spice to Deepstate’s fake fight. Among the famous influencers, procoiners are exclusively “alt-right” and antiWoke, while anticoiners are exclusively and SCREECHILY Woke. All ESG all the time.

When the muzzle-loading Karenbirds realize that their favorite platform is sponsored by the allegedly HORRIBLE coin, they will have yet another reason to screech. BUT when they look more closely and see that Binance is just another part of their own precious Deepstate, the CD will get hot and heavy.

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