Wrong Great Man


I find it interesting that just when it appeared the takeover of Twitter was inevitable & the censorship regime would end, the establishment suddenly started questioning the closing of schools during the pandemic, vacillating about the vaccines, & endorsing the lab-leak theory.

Probably not. Those specific shifts are just how psychopaths work. CONSTANT FAST CHANGE is the ultimate high for demons. At some point they get bored with one area of torture, so they drop it and find a new area of torture.

If you want to credit a Great Man for causing the change, the Great Man is Jay Powell, not Elon. When Powell decided to stop the flow of free money, the recipients had to start retrenching. The recipients are tech tyrant corporations, NGOs and governments. All three are feeling the new constraint.

When money is infinite and free, DEMONS DON’T NEED PEASANTS. Companies were free to kill all of their customers, so they did. Governments were free to kill all of their taxpayers, so they did.

Now that money isn’t infinitely available and perfectly free, governments will have to rely more on taxes, and businesses will have to rely more on profits.

= = = = =

Later thought: It’s clear that Powell’s turnaround was NOT part of the plan. Most market booms and busts are clearly preplanned and preknown by the knowers, who easily frontrun the carefully planned switchover. The giant 2020 boom in free money was clearly part of the “virus” genocide.  All the demons were READY for it. All the “phases” and “subphases” were orchestrated and rehearsed and budgeted.

Governments and tech tyrants appear to be blindsided by Powell’s shutoff. There’s no sign of frontrunning or anticipation. Bezos was constructing or planning dozens of new buildings on the assumption of eternal hyperexponential hypergrowth. Now he cancels the buildings. Zuck’s bizarre metaverse project also assumed endless free money with no need for a salable product. When the music stopped he felt the need to show something, and the demo was grotesquely unready. The whole bitcoin enterprise was equally blindsided.

This interview gives a lot of background on Powell’s intentions and history.

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