Dow is all? Not new.

I’ve been bitching that ALL “news” sources and commentators, whether “left” or “right”, start with the assumption that Wall Street is the entire economy. When the central bank gives Wall Street an orgasm, ALL “news” takes it as good for the country. When the central bank gives Wall Street an ouchie, ALL “news” takes it as HORRIBLE TERRIBLE INTOLERABLE MUST REVOLT NOW!!!!!!! In fucking fact the Dow is the reciprocal of the economy. When economy goes to zero, Dow goes to infinity.

Thinking back, this is the universal default. 100 years ago newspapers and radio newscasts ALWAYS published the Dow. Newspapers listed the ups and downs of every stock on the NYSE at least weekly.

This information was NEVER useful to normal humans. The demons who can use this information are either MAKING the prices, or USING the prices well before the data reaches the public. Frontrunning is much faster now, microseconds instead of hours, but it’s always been this way.

What’s missing? NOBODY EVER TREATS SAVING AS A NORMAL ACTIVITY. NOBODY EVER PUBLISHES THE INFORMATION THAT A SAVER WANTS TO KNOW. Interest rates on savings accounts are TOTALLY missing from the record. I’ve delved into banking journals and census reports several times trying to find typical or individual rates. I have to guess from a few secondary indications that the typical rate was 4%. It’s not given in news or official BLS reports or anything.

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