We often signal our orthodoxy by using the “native” spelling of a country or tribe we’re supposedly defending. The signalers don’t worry about actual “nativity” when they invent lunacies like Latinx or Womxn.

They’re trying a bit harder with Ukraine, but the result is still absurd because the Ukrainian “language” is a dialect of Russian. When we make a point of writing  Kyiv instead of Kiev, we’re not really representing a different pronunciation, just a different way of transliterating the same pronunciation. Some Ukrainian pronunciations are genuinely different from Russian, but no more than the difference between NYC and Arkansas.

I’ve noticed only one example of this signal in the past.

Ireland was called Eire (its native name) in news broadcasts from 1946 to 1954. Eire was variously pronounced like Erie, Airy, or Era. Was Deepstate starting to pull Northern Era away from Britain? Later our Airysh politicians like the Kennedys were instrumental in financing the Erie Republican Army, so this might have been an early part of the plan.

While I’m at it, a few other words have changed since the 40s.

Gesture was pronounced with a hard G.

Deluxe rhymed with nukes, not with bucks.

Jekyll rhymed with fecal, not heckle. (I suspect the cartoon crows might have shaped the later rhyme.)

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