Raking record

Time to start the roof-raking record for this winter. As always, this should be in my private daily worklog, but I started doing it here, so I’ll continue the tradition.

Last winter was EASY. Only three rakings, and the first was 12/31/21. This winter is likely to be harder than average. We started with a rollercoaster ride: cold, a little snow, quick melt, serious windstorm, more snow and immediate freeze.

= = = = =

11/7/2022 First raking of the season. 3″ median-weight snow. 3″ is sort of borderline for my standards; if the next few days will melt, no rake. This time the next few days will be much colder, so yes rake.

= = = = =
11/30/22 Second raking. 6″ fluffy. No borderline this time.

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