Appreciation to apprehension

Enid is looking forward to the arrival of a supertall Xmas tree to kick off their annual lighting competition. The lighting has been going on since the 80s. When I visited Enid in those years, I often toured the well-organized neighborhood displays.

When I lived there in the 70s, I might have appreciated the ‘tallest Xmas tree’ as well. Now that I’ve lived in the land of tall trees for 32 years, my response to a tall tree is apprehension, not appreciation.

Enid is a windy place. Nearly every day is 20g30, and 30g40 is not unusual. Enid doesn’t lose power from those winds because Enid doesn’t have any killer trees. In the land of killer trees, 30g40 always knocks a few down, causing at least localized outages and localized squashed houses.  Idiotic Gaian governments make it hard to take down the arboreal criminals, exactly as they make it hard to imprison human criminals.

One carefully controlled and TEMPORARY tall tree for religious purposes is fine, as long as it gets taken down and turned to firewood after display.

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