Who’s more effectively paranoid?

I’m looking at two strings of comments at Substack. First Justin Hart asking for guesses about WHY the “virus” hoaxocaust needed to happen in 2020, as opposed to any other time. Second, the responses to Taibbi’s funny drinking game on last night’s “election”.

I used to wonder about the WHY question, and finally settled on plain personality. People are different. Some people are DEMONS. There’s no way to out-think demons.  Trying to get into their minds is even worse than just obeying them and trying to survive. Demons do what they do because they’re demons, and that’s all. Demons ruin, obliterate, chaotize, and kill kill kill kill kill.

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There’s an interesting difference between the approaches to Trump in the two discussions.

Hart is firmly Repooflican, and most of his readers are also pure Repoofs. They can’t see Trump as just another demon. He must have been deceived. Hart: “Trump usually does one of two things. He trusts his instincts or he trusts his people. In this case he trusted his people and moved away from his instinct. This was the core wrong move.”

Taibbi is leftish and most of his readers are leftish in temperament if not belief. His discussers point quickly and correctly to the ONE BIG CLUE about Trump’s motivation, the ONE piece of serious Shannon information in the last 6 years. Wikileaks gave us DNC emails showing both the intention and the detail. Trump was WORKING FOR HILLARY, serving as the Official Bad Man who will do the same bad things in a way that can be blamed on Deplorables.

“The Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee called for using far-right candidates as a cudgel to move the more established candidates further to the right, insisting that Trump and other extremists be elevated to leaders of the pack and media outlets take them seriously.”

The Taibbi group is correct.

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The growth of rebel movements is a natural feedback loop, an error signal indicating that government is massively failing. Government can respond to rebellion in three ways: (1) Crush it with tanks and bombs. (2) Stop failing and start solving problems, as FDR did. (3) Play Machiavellian games to make the rebels look horrible. Nixon did it with leftish rebels in the 70s, and today’s demons are doing it with rightish rebels.

Later meta-thought: These leftish and rightish groups don’t fit the old stupid dictionary definitions of left and right. Hart’s group is firmly convinced that all humans are identical, as written in the demonic manifesto of 1776. When bad things happen, it must be a plan with a goal, not evil people being evil. Taibbi’s group recognizes that people are different, as the real Soviet system did.

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