You are playing a game you don’t understand

I’ve been disgusted but not shocked by the Official Two-Sides Game centered on bitcoin. Deepstate started playing the AP game around 2017. R favors bitcoin, D hates it.

When bitcoin steals your money, you blame R because that’s where the sponsors are.

Today’s crash of FTX/Binance shows a different side. Sam Bankman-Fried, who organized the self-lifting empty loop of FTX, ran contrary to the standard pattern. He turned some of his fake money into real money and threw it into D-brand corporate sponsorships and D-brand political donations.

I find it interesting that Deepstate knocked down Sam’s floating fake empire one day after the “election” finished the need for his donations and endorsements.

Will the D-brand anticoin influencers see this and realize they’ve been supporting a system that doesn’t give a fuck about ideology?

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