Worst of all anechoics

Continuing to debunk the “echo chamber” myth. Social media is the exact opposite.

Lately I’ve been trying to read items in Medium, brought there by Avi Loeb’s great crowdfunded UFO project. Medium’s algorithm is the most aggressive anechoic I’ve seen. It offers you a chance to Mute an author you don’t like. Allegedly you will then see less “like this author”.

The exact opposite happens. This morning I played the algorithm for a while with atrocious results. The more I mute Climate Crazies, the more I get even worse crazies described as For You. Finally I “reported” a lunatic who was openly urging extermination of real scientists, and after the “report” my For You started to lose the crazies.

Even the non-crazy For You items are OLD, at least 6 months beyond pulldate.  They’re discussing subjects that have already turned out to be false, like the infinite promise of NFTs.  Good clickbait is a FRESH LIE that hasn’t yet been obsoleted or disproved.

Why would an advertiser preferentially feed you stale and unwanted material?

Later thought: I guess this long and intense ENGAGEMENT was a good and intended result for Medium. Normal businesses want to ENGAGE the customer by providing a good product that you can use with pleasure. Social media and invading armies want to ENGAGE the enemy with a prolonged unstoppable attack.

Two weeks later after playing the same game: Ockham. The answer is simple. Everything in Medium is evil. The algorithm isn’t preferentially feeding me evil stuff in order to create Engagement. The algorithm is just feeding me what’s there, and what’s there is nothing but poison.

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