Cold revenge

Elon talked about merging Twitter into his dream of one all-consuming web system. He had tried it once before with, and his holding company for Twitter was called X to make the point. When he started this particular headfake, I began to notice that Yahoo Financial is doing the best job of covering the story on Youtube. Yahoo is also doing the best job on the delicious delightful fall of bitcoin.

Before Berners-Lee developed his crappy overrated HTML at CERN (the black hole factory working hard to obliterate the earth), Compuserve was the one all-serving portal to the web. Shortly after the CERN black hole obliterated Compuserve, Yahoo was the all-serving portal for a couple years. Yahoo performed all the functions that were later “newly” invented by bigger and fancier companies. Search, social media, shopping.

I’m glad that part of Yahoo has survived the “extinction events”. Yahoo is now getting a bit of revenge by reporting coldly and objectively on the crash of its nasty replacements.

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