Earlier one of the “wags” said we should hope Elon buys Twitter and shuts it down.

Now it’s clear that he’s pulling a classic LBO. Buy a company with debt, transfer the debt to the company, force it into bankruptcy to write off the debt, steal the assets. Old-fashioned LBOs generally slid under the radar for a couple years until the company failed, seemingly for separate reasons.

Iconic example: Curtiss Wright bought Studebaker in 1956 to acquire Packard’s aircraft plants and tooling. CW pulled out after stealing the “Packard Plums”, and the company started a downward spiral. It was hard to blame CW, because Studie management had been inept for years before the takeover.

Everything happens in superzoomspeed now, so Twitter’s bankruptcy is already announced one week after the purchase!

What’s the asset? Data about the elites. Now Elon knows everything about them.

What will he do? Probably blackmail, which is a good thing in general. The best way to control demons is blackmail. Will he use the power for good or evil? Hard to tell, doesn’t really matter.

The best part is the shutdown itself.

Flossing doesn’t kill the bacteria, it breaks up biofilms and disperses the bacteria so they have to fend for themselves.

= = = = =

Graphic serendipity note: I wanted to use a Lark for this picture. It would represent the post-CW company and also match the birds. I couldn’t find a Lark model, and I’m sure as hell not going to spend a month building one. I hated to blaspheme the perfect ’53, but it turns out to be appropriate after all. The muzzle-loading Karenbirds are trying to destroy beauty, which is their fulltime purpose in life.

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