Cruel joke

Taibbi and Kirn are talking about the Nevada “election”, where counting seems to be sloppy in favor of the house. Kirn says that no casino would allow sloppy counting, so why should the state’s “elections” allow sloppy counting?

He’s implying that casinos and “elections” are opposite. Casinos are meant to be rigged while “elections” are not meant to be rigged.

Wrong. Both are rigged in similar ways. Casinos plan the rules and mechanisms of the games BEFORE PLAY to provide a small net gain for the house on average. “Elections” slant the game BEFORE PLAY by restricting media money and attention for Incorrect candidates, and creating scandals or bullets for persistent Incorrects. This rig is more secure and definite than the casino’s rig.

The difference isn’t dishonest vs honest. The difference is that everyone KNOWS casinos slant the rules. Mature players go in with their eyes open, planning to enjoy the experience without losing their shirts.

Too many adults still believe the meritocratic myths about “elections”.

“If you don’t like the results, run for office” is a cruel joke along the same lines as Cinderella.

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