Weirder and weirder

The Ankler substack, devoted to entertainment industry news, says that author Michael Lewis has been “embedded” with the Bankman-Fried bunch for six months, gathering material for his next book.

Lewis is famous for The Big Short about the 2008 “crisis”, and he also wrote a disgusting celebration of the 2020 “virus” genocide, hymning the godlike virtues of Demon Fauci and Demon Mecher.

Ankler believes a Hollywood investor named Michael Kives got Lewis connected into the Bankman bunch. Kives is closely tied to the Clintons and other WEF types, which probably tells us which way Lewis will write the book.

When a writer is “embedded” for six months in an outfit like FTX, he’s not a passive observer. He’s a participant.

(This wouldn’t necessarily be true for Wall Street, where “embedded” just means having permission to interview people.  FTX is a combination of a high-dollar party pad, a Scientology-style cult, and a hundred interlocking criminal businesses.  There’s no separation between office and home and crackhouse.)

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