Dance of demons

Kirn pointed to this interview of Bankman-Fried a few years ago when his fraud was still Cool.

It’s scary as hell because the INTERVIEWER is a demonic psychopath judging Sam by the standards of psychopaths. He starts with Sam’s founding achievement, which was a stock trade inside the world of bitcoin. Sam figured out how to use a difference between bitcoin’s price in two countries to make a pile of money.

“It was a daring feat of arbitrage.”

In other words it was a clever theft.

The interviewer then praises MacAskill, the court jester philosopher of modern demons.

“The way to do the most good for the most people is to pile up lots of money and then give it away.”

That was enough for me.

Piling up lots of money by THEFT is not doing any good for anyone. Every one of those arbitrage trades destroys value and leaves someone else poorer. After piling up the blood money by stealing from ordinary people, the demon then throws the pile where it will SUIT HIS WHIMS AND FANCIES.

In reality the best way to do good while making money is to run a real factory or a real store, and treat the workers and customers decently FROM THE START.

= = = = =

Later, after reading more about MacAskill and ‘Effective Altruism’. DAMN, this is raw evil. Pure eugenics, pure NAZI. Peasants must die willingly and voluntarily in order to preserve the Correct Future as defined by the Correct Persons.

Effective Altruism is the philosophy of a gangster, relabeled as utopian.

Old gangster version:  “I’m going to kill a billion Losers and steal their property, and then I’m going to redistribute their property to ME and my buddies.”

Fancied-up EA version:  “I’m going to kill a billion Losers and steal their property, and then I’m going to redistribute their property to ME and my buddies, which is ethically good because MY pleasure is ethically good by philosophical definition.”

It’s just a basic logical fact that the future consequences of ANY action are extremely hard to predict. Nature gets in the way, and human behavior rarely conforms to simulations and models. All “respectable” predictions are made by people who intend to benefit by the fulfillment of the prediction. Economists, “climate” scientists, “pandemic” modelers, politicians. Nobody ever predicts a future that requires MY occupation or MY caste to submit to voluntary extinction. Every future requires MORE power and MORE money for MY occupation or MY caste.

= = = = =

Meta-scary: The scariest part is that ALL of the “respectable” sources cited by Google are firmly aligned with MacAskill. They are already in the cult. The ONLY question they ask is whether Sam’s failure will slow down their dreamy sexy orgasmic apocalypse.

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