The whole world is Parkinson

Among the spam emails this morning.

From New “Scientist”:
Climate negotiations in disarray at COP27

From the Washington state Repooflicans:
The election isn’t over yet!

Both of these headlines are repeated year after year. The New “Scientist” headline takes a bit more copy/paste work because COP27 has to be changed to COP28 and COP29 etc.   They all end in disarray because that’s the point.

The only purpose of “Science” is getting grants and tenure.

The only purpose of “Politics” is getting contributions.

Nothing ever changes, nothing is ever done or solved.

The whole world is Parkinson. Never solve a problem. Never decide that a problem doesn’t exist or doesn’t need solving.  Always keep the ball up in the air, always maintain the fake suspense, so the “advocates” can keep vampiring the suckers.

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