Boss vs boss

Wandering through ‘Elon Twitter’ for chuckles, ran across a surprisingly non-partisan take from an unexpected source, a wonderful reversion to how entertainment used to function under the Fairness Doctrine.

Bon Appetit is for gourmet cooks. They focused on Twitter’s wildly expensive free lunches:

Musk’s incessant tweeting, mass layoffs, radical changes to the platform, and public arguments with employees on Twitter have transformed the platform from the simmering dumpster fire it once was into a Sharknado-level disaster.

Objective and colorful! Partisans are binary. Every change is either heaven to hell or hell to heaven.

One of the upsides, though, is that so much of Twitter’s internal dirty laundry has come to light — like the fact that the company pays $13 million per year on employee lunches. Because very few workers returned to the office, Musk tweeted, that number broke down to $400 per lunch served over the past 12 months. As seems to be par for the course these days, a now-former employee appeared to contradict Musk with hard numbers, but he insisted that costs were indeed as high as he said they were. What could they be serving? Caviar? Truffles? Rare and exotic meats? Unfortunately, it’s more likely that they’re serving some kind of pseudoscientific wellness brew and an absurdly overpriced grain bowl.

Again non-partisan and colorful.

The magazine compares Elon with the opposite type of boss, chef Stanley Tucci, who received a birthday cheese from his employees. I’ve never heard of Tucci, but the short video tells a strong story. There’s no doubt that his employees genuinely love their boss, and he loves them in return. He ducks his head and hides tears of gratitude.

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And another contrast to Twitter’s free ‘pseudoscientific WELLNESS brew’. Tyson Foods, now Enid’s biggest corporate employer, gave away 40,000 pounds of chicken this morning, 20 pounds per car. Tyson’s corporate CHAPLAIN explains the process.

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