Sam’s system

In one episode of Calling All Detectives, Browning is wasting an afternoon at the racetrack and notices an apparent swindle. A young man is trying to persuade a rich elderly man to adopt his Betting System. As Browning watches, the youngster does indeed win several bets in a row, and the old guy is starting to buy in.

Other people are also watching. Gangsters grab up the youngster (in what we’d now call an acqui-hire); and then bigger gangsters and biggest gangsters re-acqui-hire him in a matriushka sequence.

Finally Browning, who knows all the gangsters, gets to talk with the youngster. Turns out he didn’t have a mathematical system at all. He was the old guy’s assistant, and he was betting on every horse in an attempt to impress and curry favor.

I think this is Bankman-Fried’s system. He had an infinite source of money from gullible old VCs with infinite QE, and he curried favor with EVERYONE by betting on EVERY SIDE of every subject. It wasn’t hypermathematical 42069-dimension hyperchess, it was just a wild waste because he had no limits.

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