Aqua regia

Tablet mag has an interview with Edward Luttwak, a classic galaxy-brain bully. He’s a HARDASS realist about everything from politics to fighting to smoking. And he firmly believes in bitcoin.

Yes, my son has made me a believer in the almighty blockchain. It creates an irrevocable past. A tweet is a blockchain of statements. Before tweets, we only had “I told you so.” Now you can say, “Look it up, it’s right there.” For me, professionally, it’s been quite important.

Sheer nonsense on both sides. Social media constantly delete things. That’s a big part of their job. Even the allegedly perfect keeper,, also deletes “misinformation” when Big Sibling tells it to.

Only physical paper in your own hands can preserve information somewhat reliably. So far Deepstate hasn’t figured out how to reach into your house and rewrite books undetectably.

Bitcoin is like the alchemist’s Aqua Regia, a universal solvent that dissolves everyone’s brain and replaces reality with belief in the blockchain. Just as Aqua Regia was uniquely able to dissolve gold and platinum, bitcoin is uniquely able to dissolve the diamonds of pure realism.

Again, the code doesn’t accomplish any of these magical effects. The code is just a slightly fancy array or a slightly defective database. Deepstate has somehow imbued the inactive and pointless code with universal solvent properties. Pretty neat trick.

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