More idiotic fake surprise

FBI is pretending to be “concerned” about Chinese secret police offices in NYC and elsewhere. These offices keep track of Chinese nationals living here, and use blackmail to keep them under control.

Jesus. This has been going on since 1949.

Mao’s revolution mobilized Chinese ‘social centers’ in NYC and SF to blackmail Chinese nationals. If they didn’t send a large part of their income to help the revolution, their family in China would be harmed.

In the ’80s when Chinese students invaded US colleges and military research facilities to steal our tech, each university had its own spy, a student who made sure the others always served China’s purposes and didn’t go rogue. I saw this up close and personal at Penn State.

Why is FBI suddenly NOTICING a 75-year-old fact? Who knows. I doubt that they’re gaining any leverage against China. We’re still a fully-owned colony.

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