Mark of aristocracy

The Buttcoin reddit notices a year-old picture of Bankman-Fried speaking to his political slaves in a congressional meeting. His shoelaces are weirdly tangled up, just barely making it through the holes. He responded to the earlier twitter thread by saying that the shoes “came that way”.

Well, okay. Shoes do sometimes come with the laces crudely wrapped in one hole, but how do you FAIL TO NOTICE THIS when you put them on? How do you walk?

Disclaimer: I’m the opposite of a dapper dandy. I purely HATE clothes and refuse to handle them “properly”. I own one summer shirt, one winter shirt, one pants, one shoes, and a pile of underwear (all the same). That’s my wardrobe. I never need to choose the “right” item, because I know from experience that my choice will always be wrong, and somebody will always make the effort to INSTRUCT me about my wrongness. Doing the right thing is futile when you’re always wrong.

Nevertheless, I do tuck in shirts and zip up pants and tie shoes and fasten belts, because clothes COME OFF when you don’t do those basic FUNCTIONAL tasks.

Sam is always right.  Even when he does something stupid like leaving shoes untied or stealing the life savings of millions of innocent people, everyone praises him and congratulates him.

He’s a lifelong top-caste aristocrat.  He has never stooped to menial tasks like washing and dressing and eating and cooking and walking. Servants perform those menial tasks. The butler dresses Milord.

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