Protos writes up a peculiar story about a tiny bank in a Palouse town that ended up as a node in Bankman-Fried’s crime syndicate.

Farmington is a typical leftover small town between Spokane and Pullman. It briefly flourished as a rail terminal, then faded down to the magic number of 150. The Farmington Bank remained to serve a few dozen rich farmers. (Durum wheat is a high-value crop, mainly shipped to Asia.)

When Hong Kong was about to be merged into China, lots of rich HK fuckheads bought property in Washington to serve as money-laundering equipment. One of those HK types bought the magnificent but abandoned Davenport Hotel in Spokane, made a fake effort toward restoring it, then HODLed. Finally a true local defender, Walt Worthy, bought it and genuinely restored it.

Another HKer bought Farmington Bank in 1995, probably because of the familiar crop, and held onto it without changing anything. It continued as a sort of ‘family office’ for the farmers.

Protos picks up the story in 2020 when Bankman-Fried recognized the familyofficeness of the bank and bought it for his own nefarious purposes. He expanded the holdings tremendously and turned it into a Coin Laundry.

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