As equipoise to previous ‘thankful’ item, here’s a newly formed regret.

This week I’ve had a standard common cold. It’s not standard for me! My nose gets annoyed sometimes from dust or allergens, but I haven’t had a proper cold in at least 50 years. I had to google the right way to cough and blow nose. Apparently there’s a REAL epidemic of colds on the west coast, and surprisingly the demons HAVEN’T decided to relabel this REAL epidemic as Doomicron Variant R#454%yu6*335.65. Only fake epidemics can be labeled. Real facts are unusable by demons.

= = = = =

The new regret popped up when I tried to talk. On the first two days of the cold, I had a wonderful resonant radio announcer bass! It faded back to my clear but unimpressive low tenor after the vocal folds lost their load of glop.

Regret: I should have TRAINED my voice into this resonant commanding form back in the 70s before I started teaching. It would have made a SIGNIFICANT difference. There’s no way I could ever become a tall muscular man, but a penetrating 80 Hz bass would have compensated considerably. Trainers were right at hand: Phillips U had a drama department closely related to the speech and hearing dept. I was taking some so-called “education” courses as well, but none of them gave me any useful advice about taking command. Or any useful advice at all.

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