Agreeing with Sam

The redditors are mocking Bankman-Fried’s attitude about books: “If you wrote a book you fucked up. You should have written six paragraphs.”

I’m basically on Sam’s side. Six paragraphs is too extreme; the traditional long-form magazine article is right for most topics. Ten pages, 5000 words.

I wouldn’t have agreed with Sam in 1980.

Book writers have screwed the form. Around 1990 I started to notice that new non-fiction books weren’t worth the trouble of reading. In tech subjects they were obsolete as soon as printed; in historical or political subjects they were just repetitive collections of long-form articles. Around the same time novelists soiled their own nest. All new novels are screechy woke sermons, often designed with a nasty gotcha. The story starts out as a proper narrative about real people facing real problems, then after you’re absorbed in the story the author hits you with a bait-n-switch.

Textbooks are needed because college courses require a huge pile of memorized data for certification. But the real learning in such courses comes in the practicum or internship, where the student repeats the processes of therapy or engineering, training her MUSCLES AND SENSES to live like a therapist or engineer.

Any college course that doesn’t include some form of internship is empty.

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Tacking on a random and uncertain non-barking observation. I’ve been reading and watching a variety of ‘independent’ types for many years. Some of them seem to be solidly independent, others are likely false flags. Most of them focus on WEF/Soros/Gates all the time, and most have discussed bitcoin. I don’t recall hearing ANYTHING about Effective Altruism or Bankman-Fried before. Sam has been a big deal among the elites for two years, and EA has been THE driving “philosophy” of demons for at least 5 years. I wouldn’t necessarily expect Sam to be a major topic, since he was just one of the top fraudsters, but I would expect EA to be mentioned.

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