What happened to stereo?

Totally random thought after happening to review some of my early stereo tech pieces.

From 1955 to 1980, fashionable people had BIG stereo sound systems. The formal living room or parlor was dominated by the amplifier and the furniture-quality speakers, carefully placed for concert hall sound. Most people weren’t really interested in music, so the stereo was rarely heard. It was just a status display.

Televisions were low-status, relegated to the den or ‘family room’.

Stereo equipment has pretty much disappeared now, and the whole concept of sound localization has disappeared with it. Now the living room is not just dominated but TOTALLY FILLED by a 30-foot movie theater screen with no visible speakers.

VR is trying to bring back sound localization as part of the horrifying helmet experience. It won’t work. Most people are visual. We have other senses but we don’t consciously use them or think about them or talk about them.

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