Just like smallpox!

Back when the NAZI TORTURE CAMPS started, my very first impulse was to assume that China was wiping out opposition, not “viruses”.

A few days ago I casually used the assumption:

The “virus” holocaust, which seemed permanent, halted in late 2020 in sane places and halted last month in the craziest places. (Except for China, which is really fighting a Jiang infection, not a “virus” infection.)

The next day I noted that Jiang himself had died:

Breaking update: Jiang has “died” today, at age 96. Now the “virus” has been wiped out like smallpox and polio.

Sure enough, the “virus” is gone!

Via Sky News:

Lifting of lockdowns in major Chinese cities signals shift in COVID stance after wave of protests. Less than 24 hours after violent protests in Guangzhou, authorities in the sprawling port city – as well as Chongqing, Zhengzhou, and the capital Beijing – announce they are easing COVID restrictions.

Rulers don’t change their ways because of protests. Rulers create some protests to give them a reason to do what they were going to do anyway. Rulers create other protests to make the opposition look and feel horrible. Protests of the latter type are mercilessly suppressed.

In this case we have two candidates for posthoc. The more meaningful hoc is the natural death of the opposition.

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