Just noticed a meaningful connection.

The souls of ordinary people demand justice. We want to see a real crime punished, and we want to see incurable criminals removed or killed.

At the moment we have two seemingly unrelated crimes disappearing on their own.

The “virus” holocaust, which seemed permanent, halted in late 2020 in sane places and halted last month in the craziest places. (Except for China, which is really fighting a Jiang infection**, not a “virus” infection.)

The bitcoin crime is INFINITELY less serious than a worldwide NAZI TORTURE CAMP but still economically harmful to several million innocent suckers. Bitcoin is disappearing fast now.

The two crimes are in fact related. Both were planned and organized by the same Deepstate, and both were ENABLED by Deepstate’s free counterfeit. Now that the counterfeit is turned off, both are fading fast.

The connection between QE and bitcoin is prima facie. “Satoshi” started bitcoin at the same time when Deepstate started QE, and his code included a comment about QE.

The connection between QE and NAZI TORTURE CAMPS isn’t explicit, but the exponential jump in QE at the start of the torture shows that the planners were working together.

New thought:

At first I wanted Nuremberg “justice” for the NAZI HOLOCAUST, but soon realized that “justice” is impossible when all the rulers (except Tanzania) are criminals.

At first I hoped to see some punishment to halt and deter the bitcoin crooks (though the punishment would be much less drastic, probably recompense)… but then realized that “investigations” and “regulations” would turn bitcoin into a permanent part of the economy, maintaining the crime forever.

= = = = =

Conclusion: When the rulers are committing a crime, “justice” is worse than meaningless. We shouldn’t push for “investigations”, because government “investigations” of government crimes always destroy the facts and make the crime permanent.

When official “justice” is impossible, natural justice is preferable. Natural justice feels unsatisfying because our moral sense demands a visible and effective pushback, but the visible pushback would only make things worse.

= = = = =

Breaking update: Jiang has “died” today, at age 96.  Now the “virus” has been wiped out like smallpox and polio.

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