Y no magic?

In earlier decades hucksters selling ‘systems’ always had to DEMONSTRATE their machine or pill or process. The demonstrations had to be clever and convincing. They used traditional magic illusions or faith-healer illusions. Investors wanted to WITNESS the perpetual motion or the miraculous healing.

Recent hucksters have been freed from this burden.

Bitcoin has never been demonstrated, and investors poured in billions without  asking questions like How does it work?  or What does it do?

The “virus” demons claimed to cure the “virus” with torture and strangulation and starvation and imprisonment and riots, which had never worked before. Nobody asked them to show their work, and they still got TRILLIONS from the government and investors.

What’s the diff? Free money. Pre-2008 hucksters were dealing with investors and governments who had FINITE budgets.

After 2008 the constraints were gone. Investors and governments had an infinite supply of “money” that needed to be spent quickly, to get a tax write-off at the correct schedule or to use up an annual grant**.

Now that the infinite counterfeit is gone, scammers will have to relearn the old magic techniques and will have to work much harder.

= = = = =

** The annual use-up requirement is a huge part of government malpractice, and relatively unknown to people who haven’t worked on grants.

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