Three cheers for coal!

Following on Coal vs Ice:

Coal is coming back, and New Nazi Torturist magazine hates it.

The UK is set to get its first new deep coal mine in three decades after the government approved plans for a project in Cumbria, despite widespread opposition on environmental grounds. The Woodhouse Colliery in Whitehaven will produce about 2.8 million tonnes of coking coal a year, to be used by the steel industry in the UK and beyond, according to the developer, West Cumbria Mining.

But the project has faced fierce opposition from scientists and environmental campaigners, who argue the UK should be investing in green steel technologies rather than supporting a new fossil fuel scheme.

The environmental campaigners, and the anti-Russia warmongers, have been working for the fossil fuel industry all along. The purpose of environmentalism and sanctions is to raise the price of oil and coal, and it’s working beautifully. The connection has been obvious for a long time, and I tried several times to assign a cause. I was overthinking. It’s just price.

With a higher price, new mines are worth the expense.

The UK government APPROVAL for the new mine is a sharp departure from previous idiocy, and deserves to be celebrated. The proposed use as coke for steel implies (dare I say it?) a sane industrial policy aimed at reshoring real work and real SKILLS.

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