Not a horseshoe

Many of the bitcoin commentators are trying to place the Effective Altruism types (eg the FTX boys) and the alt-white types (eg the Unz boys) at opposite ends of a spectrum. They’re not opposite at all, not even in the wraparound ‘horseshoe graph’ sense. They’re identical with slightly different labeling.

Both groups are cullers. They are heading for eugenics, and many of them say it openly.

Both groups want to cull on the basis of IQ and ‘rational’ thinking, not on the basis of skills or competence or morality.

Both groups enjoy watching the masses of low IQ Negative Externalities suffering and dying.

The two groups differ in emphasis.

The Bankman-Fried types don’t say who the IQ elites are, but their actual composition agrees with reality: Jews, Chinese, Indians.

The Unz boys insist that Western European Gentiles are the IQ elites. They’re wrong. Gentiles have already been pushed out of the elite positions in the tech world.

History has not been kind to IQ elites. They have to depend on Negative Externalities for trivial extras like food and sewage and electricity and maintenance. Sooner or later the Neg Ex get tired of serving arrogant demons.

The Effective Altruists believe that robots can replace the Neg Ex, but so far all experiments have failed. Self-driving cars are impossible, and AI doesn’t add much to physical tasks like scrubbing floors and plowing fields and fixing faucets.

It’s TAUTOLOGICALLY OBVIOUS that computers can replace rational IQ jobs, because computers have vastly higher IQ with precisely zero empathy and morality. And we’re seeing the replacement right now. It’s happening fast.

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