Another waste of talent

Skimming through the thousands of updates on nonsense projects like NFT and DAO, I’m struck by another waste. The waste of tech skill is obvious to a nerd like me, but I was slow to notice the waste of sales skill. Every one of these offers is creatively persuasive, putting together nonsense buzzwords in a new way to jump out from the competition.

= = = = =

Typical sample:

EIP-5606 specification is the first tactile attempt to address the interoperability aspect of NFTs. It introduces the concept of Multiverse NFT, which defines a new type of token that establishes the relationship between the unique digital assets in counterpart platforms.

= = = = =

Each of those entities sounds like a thing, but each is NULL. A combination of NULLs is still NULL. Interoperable nothings are still nothing. We’ve lost our semantics, leaving us no better than AI.

Before globalism and free counterfeit, most selling was applied to real things and real services with real meaning.

How can we turn those creative persuasion talents toward more important tasks like real industry and real storage, instead of fake metaverse industry and fake “coin” storage? Most of our physical facilities and human talents are completely out of the game, disgusted and depressed and lost. We handed our entire economy, physical capital and human capital, to China.

One example that occurs to me: Grain elevators are perpetual structures. Most are still intact but many are empty. Just-In-Time nonsense guarantees vulnerability to ‘supply chain shocks’. Shocks create arbitrage opportunities for abstract traders, while killing thousands of non-abstract people. That’s the whole point and purpose of JIT. More power to the abstract traders, more death to actual people.

We need several layers of persuasion to pull out of the JIT mindset and return to the save and store mindset.

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