Two cheers for nuclear!

Yahoo Financial interviewed the head of Constellation Energy, which owns several existing nuclear power plants.

He is optimistic about the future of nukes, since the omnibus “Inflation” “Reduction” “Act” includes a new tax credit to level the economic playing field for nukes vs fake “renewable” sources. He also (finally) sees some real action in the modular mini-nuke area, which has been technically mature for 60 years. Rolls-Royce makes mini-nukes for British submarines, and Constellation is talking with Rolls about reusing the technology for small self-contained plants. These are the future of nuclear power.

As always, regulation is the real barrier. After 1980 we switched all of our regulation to FAVOR abstract demons and offshoring, and to PROHIBIT real industry and real power. Now that China is playing a different game, offshoring is vastly less attractive, and the regulators for stocks and banks are beginning to shift their focus. With QE turned off, most of the incentives are already switched.

The interviewer smartly asked him about the new development in fusion, and he smartly responded that practical fusion is still a long way off. This slight gain of energy in the reactor itself is nearly meaningless, because the lasers consume vastly larger amounts of electricity from the outside than they put into the reactor. The internal gain will need to be at least 20 times, not just a few percent.

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