Waiting for Shannon

I’m following the latest “revelations” from Twitter. So far no Shannon, no actionable information.

Deepstates know how to reveal without revealing, and spy agencies know how to test a defector who claims to be revealing. Is he telling us something we already know, either from experience or monitoring? Is he simply lying? Or is he telling us a true fact that we couldn’t have guessed from our own observations and life experience?   The first two questions are easy to check and eliminate.  The third is intrinsically hard to verify because unguessable information is tightly guarded by definition.

So far the Twitter “revelations” are in the same category as Snowden and Manning. Some new details about who said what, but nothing we didn’t already know from observation and experience. The general pattern of government media control hasn’t changed in many decades.

If we receive Actionable Information, I’ll happily change my tune!

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