Where are the goddamn philosophers?

A young congresscritter named Himes was discussing Sam’s arrest and yesterday’s “hearing”. He said that Sam had spent a lot of time on Capitol Hill in the last two years, “educating” Congress about how bitcoin works. Himes thinks he “knows” how it works thanks to Sam, so he will help to craft the regulations that Sam wants. He also thinks that he’s NOT working for Sam because he didn’t take any of Sam’s money.

Where are the goddamn philosophers? This is a job for epistemology.

When you have been instructed FALSELY, filled with INTENTIONALLY WRONG DESCRIPTIONS of how some entity “works”, you don’t know anything at all. In fact you have acquired NEGATIVE knowledge.

When you “know” that a perpetual motion machine is an endless source of free energy, you know less than nothing, because your understanding of real Newtonian motion is distorted.

In reality the entire bitcoin sphere is NOTHING AT ALL. There’s no new technology. The only code is a perfectly ordinary array, the same kind of array that occurs hundreds of times in every ordinary computer program. It’s just a list.

The blockchain enterprise is a set of illusions built specifically to make a few rich people richer.

That’s all. That’s the whole story.

= = = = =

After rereading the first sentence….

A young congresscritter named Himes
has talked with Sam dozens of times.
He thinks that he knows
a fraud is a rose
but a fraud is a fraud is a crime.

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