Gangsters take care of their own

Sammy has been released on bail IN THE CUSTODY OF HIS PARENTS. This is like releasing Thomas Gambino to the custody of Carlo.

Looking up more about Thomas, the parallel is strong. Thomas played the Effective Altruism game to the hilt. Got a college education and engaged in massive “philanthropy” while stealing and killing.

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Later: GRRRRRRR. Sammy is continuing to enjoy the best of luxury while “out on bail”.

His parents, Barbara and Allan, accompanied him to court on Thursday and in the Bahamas. Barbara is said to have laughed every time the judge referred to her son as a fugitive.

Worst of all, his alleged 250M bail isn’t really a bail bond. It’s personal recognizance. His parents didn’t need to put up a deposit. Their nice California bungalow is sufficient collateral. In reality their caste is collateral.

When I was arrested for pot possession in 1969, the bail was $10k, equivalent to about $100k today. My parents had to put up the standard 10% of that amount, which they got back when I showed up. We weren’t poor; my father could afford the $1k deposit. But there’s a huge chasm between can afford and connected. My roommate at the time was Rich and Connected, and he never got arrested or even suspected despite having a much larger stash. My first lesson in the reality of “laws” and “constitutions” and “justice”. It’s all caste. Nothing else.

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Totally irrelevant sidenote: Sam’s name is a shibboleth for synthetic speech vs real humans. The synthetic speakers in professional media are good at intonation and dialect but not good at semantic context. They always pronounce Fried as in Fried Eggs.

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