Advice for Sammy

Shkreli gives excellent advice to Sammy. First plead guilty and sing, though it’s already too late for the full effect of confessing. Then try to form a more masculine front for prison.

Shkreli gets down and dirty in this department around 27 minutes. “He is an effeminate guy, and his demeanor is not the sort of thing that goes over well in prison. If people get the idea that you’re a pushover they will push. … He should rebrand himself… Most likely he will end up in protective custody.”

Been there, done that. I was innately blessed with ugliness. As Shotgun Washington put it: “I say this fo you. Ain nobody gon fuck wi you. You too UGLY!”

Shotgun was mostly accurate, at least by comparison. Another college type who came in at the same time was delicate and pretty, and he got turned out and used up FAST.

One of my later cellies was a rich Jewish guy from Shaker Heights who looked and acted a lot like Sam. He had wisely acquired a Man who consumed all of his parental money in return for protection. Sam would be wise to do the same.

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