Getters again

Earlier I diagnosed APs and fake movements by their focus on relatively trivial problems. A more refined version is appearing in two current movements. It’s the old getter or sacrificial lamb routine.

In the movement against the “virus” holocaust, most of the activists started out opposing the entire demonic monstrosity. After RFK Jr got into the act, the more serious activists began focusing on vax, which is the LEAST demonic part of the monstrosity. Vaccines are a vital part of medicine and public health, and they do some good. Some of them have more side effects than good effects, which is a tradeoff in any solution. Ballgags and imprisonment and isolation and riots are NOT part of medicine. They are part of crime and war, and they are SOLELY intended to kill and injure and destroy.  Focusing solely on vax boosts the comparative legitimacy of NAZI TORTURE.

The bitcoin movement burns a much more obvious lamb. He’s even woolly! Bankman-Fried was the official hero of the movement until just after the “election”. As soon as his donations accomplished their purpose, he became the official villain. The politicians eagerly prosecute him, and the bitcoin bros eagerly mock him, in order to boost the “legitimacy” of other parts of the movement. Bad Sam is the only bad thing in the “industry”. The tech is still holy and perfect, and the tech will save the world now that Bad Sam is no longer representing it.  Now that fashionable RICH leftist Sam is out of the picture (and actually living in Mommy’s basement), Deepstate and media can return to their comfort zone, using bitcoin as a pure unsullied icon for “far-right Christian nationalist three-toothed hillbillies”, or in other words unattractive men.

What’s the lesson? As always, don’t be there. Don’t get sucked into a well-supported and well-publicized movement. All such movements are sponsored by Deepstate. Just express the truth as you see it, whether it agrees with the establishment or a “movement”.

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