I shouldn’t even try to think about politics. My record of mistakes is unbroken. Nevertheless, here’s one random thought after dipping a toe into media for a moment.

It’s clear that both parties want to prevent DeSantis from rising to the top. He’s the only major politician who SOLVES PROBLEMS. All other politicians MANUFACTURE PROBLEMS much faster than ordinary people can adjust or compensate or solve the problems made by politicians. Problems and wars and genocides are the sole product of our government, and we can’t ruin 75 years of carefully selected and quality-controlled demons.

This character named Santos looks like a classic political ringer. He won some kind of office in New York, and now the media are gleefully taking apart his life story, with special emphasis on the usual cultural crap about sex and ethnicity.

Confusers and ringers are an old-fashioned trick in machine politics. If you want to bring down O’Connell, run a filthy dude named O’Connor. If you want to bring down Kaczynski, run a filthy dude named Kashinsky. If you want to bring down DeSantis, run a filthy dude named Santos.

= = = = =

Interesting etymology: The term seems to have originated in the boxing ring.

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