Just a replacement

Looking around again to see if religious media are noticing that the Pope died. GetReligion, a website about religion in journalism, hasn’t noticed it yet, but does have another interesting piece on Ryan Burge’s survey data.

Conventional wisdom tells us that religion is fading; more and more people are becoming officially atheist or agnostic. Burge finds that this is NOT a general trend. The shift is confined to white Democrats. White Repoofs are remaining steadily Christian, and blacks and Hispanics are remaining steadily Christian.

I think this is really a replacement, not a shrinkage. Religion is a hard-wired function of the human brain. Genuinely non-religious people are as uncommon as genuinely non-sexual people.

White Democrats are not losing religion, they’re replacing Christianity or Judaism by DNCism, a standard apocalyptic genocidal cult. The world is ending, so we need to kill everyone first. The causes of the apocalypse change with the daily DNC talking points, but Gaia is the default. Plastics and Putins and Trumps and Viruses and Antivaxers come and go, always falling back to Gaia.

It’s worth remembering that the Gaia cult began where you’d expect such a cult to begin. Hal Lindsey’s ‘Late Great Planet Earth’. The cult was relabeled and upclassed by Deepstate and elite globalists in 1975.

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