I misuse Dillinger’s Law often in a generic or metaphorical way.

Why X? Because X is where the money is.

Bankman-Fried’s push to regulate and legitimize bitcoin was a precisely literal case of Dillinger. Sam wanted to make his fraud a legal part of the financial system so he could rob banks.

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Protos, basically a pro-bitcoin website, is trying to examine the movement’s own biases.

They list dozens of “predictions” about the year-end value of the Bitcoin brand, all wildly above reality. This sort of “prediction” is familiar in the older criminal world of stocks. Stock criminals talk the book and paint the tape. Bitcoiners were unfamiliar with these old tricks, so they were easy suckers for the scammers, most of whom started their career in stock crime.

A prediction intended to make you buy the predictor’s product is both advertisement and prediction. It’s an addiction.

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