Even Trudeau?

Trudeau does one good thing in his miserable demonic life. A law banning ALL foreigners from buying property in Canada went into effect on Jan 1.

Real populism is gradually percolating into governments and corporations now. Trump and Boris were fake populists, setting the cause back instead of forward. The NAZI “virus” genocide they started led indirectly (via “supply chain” problems) to a realization that sending all of our skills and money to China wasn’t very smart.

And now the universal turnaround of central banks from QE to QT causes capitalists to seek REAL profit instead of quick swindles and share manipulation. REAL profit requires REAL production, and it also requires houses that workers can afford to live in.

Steinbeck said it first and best. “If capitalists could can salmon with ledgers, they would.” In the 1930s they couldn’t. After 2008 they could, so they did. Ledgers (including the bitcoin fake “ledgers”) don’t need workers. Capitalists were free to starve and freeze and strangle workers, so they did.

Now they’re gradually forced back into the old mode of actual physical production, which requires living and breathing workers residing in physical houses and receiving actual money in return for their actual work.

= = = = =

Before 1965 Canada was a shining example of REAL populism serving its own people. Canada insisted that US companies had to use a large proportion of Canadian suppliers and Canadian designers and Canadian materials if they wanted to make money from Canadian customers. So the US companies followed the rules, because Canadian profit was worth the trouble. Around 1965 our government pushed Canada into “free trade” treaties that removed all the local content requirements. After that, our capitalists could sell to Canadian customers without completing the circle for Canadian workers.

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